Class Dojo


Discipline Plan:  “The Citation Dojo System”

In our classrooms, we are using Class Dojo combined with a Citation System to keep track of our students’ progress in achieving the character traits in our Cobra Code of Excellence (printed on the back of this sheet).  Students will be expected to exhibit these character traits daily:

C - Committed (and passionate)

O – Overachiever (strong work ethic)

B – Be Honest

R – Responsible and Respectful

A – Accountable

Students who follow classroom rules and procedures will not receive citations and will often be rewarded for positive behavior (see Rewards section).  Students who choose not to follow these guidelines will receive a citation for the inappropriate behavior (see Consequences section). Once an inappropriate behavior has been identified and the teacher has issued a citation, students will fill out and complete their own citations.  The teacher will log citations on a regular basis in Dojo as “Needs Work” points and will keep these citations as proof of documentation for conferences, report cards, etc. Class Dojo allows teachers and parents to track counterproductive behaviors when students do not adhere to class or school expectations in the Cobra Code of Excellence.  


  • Students are given “Caught-being-good” tickets for random drawings throughout the 9 weeks.  Donations gladly accepted for these prizes! :-)

  • Each week that a student ends with no negative points, they will be rewarded with a “Free Penalty Pass” to be used within the nine weeks to take the place of a negative penalty.

  • Each nine weeks that a student ends with 15 points or less and/or at least 75% positive, they will be entitled to a reward chosen by the teacher.


  • After 3 “needs work” points in one week  – student receives silent lunch

  • After 4 “needs work” points in one week – Dojo behavior report sent home to be signed

  • After 5 “needs work” points in one week – parent / teacher conference

  • After 6 “needs work” points in one week – office referral