*** Highly subject to change.***

Please check agenda books daily as we take time out of class to update them.

I firmly believe that children need homework to allow them to practice the skills they learn in class.  However, I feel that 30 minutes needs to be devoted to Math and 30 minutes to Reading each night.  Therefore, I do not intend to have regular homework assignments for my class. 

If your child does not complete his/her work in class however, they will be required to finish it at home.  They also need to review the notes from the day's class each night so they will be better prepared for the test.  I will try to keep parents/guardians posted on this site as to what should have been completed in class and when graded items are due. 

Our Student Government Association is collecting non-perishable items until Friday, Dec. 15th.
Spirit Week this week!

Monday:12/11/17 Blue and Gold Day/Home Basketball Game

We are currently working on a unit on Ancient India with a test scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 19th.  We will also complete demonstrations in class that will count as a test grade.

 *complete worksheet

Tuesday: 12/12/17 Twinning Tuesday

*Sec. 2 Guided Reading quiz paper (will be checked as a homework grade and not a quiz grade)
*study for Sec. 1-3 quiz Friday

Wednesday: 12/13/17  Camo Day

*Sec. 3 Guided Reading quiz paper (will be checked as a homework grade and not a quiz grade)
*study for Sec. 1-3 quiz Friday

Thursday: 12/14/17 Hat Day

*study for Sec. 1-3 Quiz tomorrow

Friday: 12/15/17  College/Team Day


Monday: 12/18/17  Home Basketball Game 
*Study for India Test tomorrow

Tuesday: 12/19/17  India Test 

Wednesday: 12/20/17

December 21 through January 1st - Christmas Break


 Upcoming Dates:

1/4 Home Basketball Game
1/12 End of 2nd 9 Weeks
1/15 - 1/16 Holiday and Teacher Workday
1/18 Home Basketball Game
1/23 Report Cards
1/29 Home Basketball Game
1/30 IMAX Field Trip (more info to come later)
2/15 Wayne Community College field trip (more info later)

Password for a ticket – Sanskrit    
Parents/Guardians: Write this word on a piece of paper with your signature to let me know you checked my webpage. 
Your child will receive a ticket for it.