Social Studies Syllabus

Social Studies 6th Grade Syllabus

Course Description:

The focus for sixth grade social studies is to expand students’ understanding of history through the study of people and events before the era of European exploration and settlement. This study focuses not only on the significance of geography in the development of the human story but also on the everyday lives, problems, and accomplishments of the people and their roles in developing social, economic, and political structures of the major civilizations.

Quarter 1:

Geography Skills

  • Map skills
  • Culture
  • Climate

Emergence of Civilizations

  • Landforms
  • Human origins
  • Agricultural revolution
  • Early civilizations/culture (Ancient River Valley)

Quarter 2:

Development of Civilizations

  • History, religions, and government of Ancient Societies
  • Development of languages and writing of Ancient Societies
  • Hierarchy of social classes
  • Four Cradles of Ancient Society: (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient China)

Quarter 3:

Expansion of Civilizations

  • Spread of Empires
  • Religious Influence
  • Effects of Trade Routes
  • Establishment and Spread of Goods, Technology, and Ideas
  • Investigate the differences of the Medieval Periods

Quarter 4:

Regional Civilizations

  • Renaissance
  • The Late Medieval Period
  • Age of Exploration
  • Major Trade Patterns/Routes
  • Economic Interdependence
  • Exchange of Ideas and Resources between Regions