Homework Policy

Homework is assigned Monday thru Thursday nights.  It is not completed at school. Students must show all work! If students fail to have homework ready for class, he/she must fill out a No Homework Log (see example below).  Please note, 5 points will be deducted from his/her homework grade.

                                       No Homework/Assignment Log

Mrs. Darlene Smith

Math and Science

Name: ______________________  Date: ___________________

Title of Missing Assignment: _____________________________________ 

I am turning in this form instead of my homework or assignment.  I know that my teacher will not take late work without a penalty.  I also know I will have five points deducted from my homework grade for each time that I have incomplete homework or incomplete assignments.  I understand that homework and assignments are a very important part of my grade and that it is solely my responsibility to get them turned in.

 The reason I am not turning in my homework or assignment is:

1._____ I forgot because  

2. _____ I did not feel like doing it. 

3. _____ I was too busy 


               (Write your own response!)


Student Signature: ____________________________________

Parent Signature:  _____________________________________