COBRA Discipline System

  Cobra Discipline System


COBRA (5 penalties in a week) will result in an office referral and at least one day in ISS depending upon how many times the student has had COBRA, what the infractions are and are the infractions happening over and over.

1. to create a classroom environment conducive to learning
2. to improve self-discipline and responsibility
3. to promote good organizational skills and homework habits

Students who respect others and the property of others, who follow school and classroom rules, who have necessary materials and supplies, and who put forth their best effort will not receive a letter. Students who choose not to follow these basic guidelines will receive a letter spelling the acronym “COBRA” for their inappropriate behavior or failure to bring needed materials to class.

Students can have 5 rule infractions before spelling the word, COBRA. However, the student does not get 5 infractions for each class! The team teachers will monitor each student’s infractions and keep a cumulative total. COBRA will start over each week.

The first COBRA will result in a warning and a parent contact! ALL COBRA's after that will result in an office referral and a day in ISS.

However, should a student receive COBRA before the week is over, that student will also automatically have silent lunch until Friday.

Consequences for COBRA do not start over; they are cumulative for the year.

Receiving COBRA will prohibit your child from attending the No Referral games in the gym at the end of each quarter.

Students who have serious infractions will automatically be referred to the office.
Examples: pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking, slapping, cussing, spitting, moving or taking other’s property, damage to school property, cheating

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