Class Expectations

Expectations, Procedures, & Policies

Mrs. Crystal Lancaster

Seventh Grade Social Studies & Science

Mrs. Crystal Lancaster

Planning Period: 9:50-11:20am

Course Objectives:

Science/Social Studies:  In Social Studies, our focus is World Geography, History and Culture, looking for patterns of continuity and change from the 1400s-present.  We will use many different primary and secondary sources and will have several in-class and at-home projects. We will complete Channel One logs each day that count as a grade every two weeks.  In Science, we are focusing on Science as Inquiry.  We will learn how Science is constant, historic, probabilistic, and replicable.  We have units on Earth Systems, Structures and Processes, Structures and Functions of Living Organisms, Forces and Motion, and Energy.  Each student will complete a Science Fair project, due in mid-November.  There will be additional projects we complete both in class and at home.

Grading Scale

50%- Tests and Projects

40%-Quizzes & Classwork

10% Homework

Norwayne Grading Scale

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-69

F = 59 and below

Wayne County Public Schools uses the 10 point Grading Scale.

*Progress reports will be sent home approximately: 9/19, 11/27, 2/12, 4/23

Classroom Expectations

1) Give 110% of our best effort:

    Be productive and participate:  All students are expected to maximize their     

    learning time.  Participate in class, answer questions, ask questions, help other

    students, and complete all assigned work.  Stay on task, listen to teachers and

    other students, work diligently and hard on independent work.  Students should     

    raise their hands before speaking or getting out of their seats.

2) Be an active learner:

    Come to class prepared and ready to learn:  This means students are expected

    to be present and on time each day, have all required materials needed for the

    day, and have their completed homework with them every day.  

3) Be kind & respectful:

    Respect yourself and others:  Respecting yourself, your classmates, your

    teachers, and your school makes for a fun, safe, and welcoming learning

    environment.  Show us you are mature 7th graders!  Take advantage

    of learning and respect your education.  No food, drinks or candy/gum is allowed

    in the classroom.

4) Be a positive role model:

     Listen and follow directions the first time:  All students are expected to listen to

     their teachers and fellow students and to follow directions the first time they are

     given to maximize LEARNING time.

5) Be positive & believe “You CAN & You WILL!”

Each day, you will enter my classroom prepared and eager to learn. When you are in my class, I expect all of my students to be kind to one another and treat each other with respect. Bullying will NOT be tolerated. If there is an issue, you must bring it to my attention so I can intervene and resolve any issues.

Academic Requirements


Organization is a very important skill to develop in order for you to be prepared for high school and college.  On this team, you will be expected to keep a binder organized in a very specific way.  Both science & social studies will involve daily practices of notetaking and handouts. You must keep all notes, handouts, and worksheets secured in your

binder in their correct divider tab.  We will keep both classes separate using dividers.

Materials for class each day

  • Binder

  • Composition Notebook

  • Notebook Paper

  • Pencils, colored pencils, crayons

  • Hand held pencil sharpener

  • An open mind and good attitude


Classwork will be graded on a weekly basis. In-class assignments will be numerous and they are expected to be completed in the allotted time given.

Students are given homework assignments at least three to four days per week. It is imperative that students complete homework, at home, and actively work on the assignments. If/When homework is assigned, it is because it is directly linked to the material/skills needed to be successful on the NC Final Exams, as well as, in eighth grade next year. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!

Tests/Projects will be provided with a rubric when assignment is given. . This will tell you how you will be graded and when the project is due. You will always have plenty of time to work on projects therefore; late projects will not be accepted unless specific arrangements have been made between the students, teacher, and parents.  All students will be required to complete a Science Fair Project. Projects are due November 30, 2017 and the Science Fair Expo is December 5th from 5:30-6:30.

Academic Dishonesty

Cheating will not be tolerated on our team.  Students must produce their own work and fill in their own answers on exams and quizzes.  Cheating only holds us back from truly learning and showing our knowledge.  Cheating includes copying someone else’s work OR allowing someone else to copy your work!  Any student caught cheating will automatically receive a zero on the assignment.  Further disciplinary action may be taken if we deem necessary.

Make-Up Work

You are responsible for making up ALL assignments while you’re absent. Missed class notes can be copied from a classmate or I will supply you with a copy of the notes upon request. It is YOUR responsibility to see me when you’ve been absent as soon as you return to class.  Make up work submitted for a grade needs to be turned in no later than 5 days after your absence. All previously announced tests or assignments are due on the scheduled day or the first day the student returns from an absence.

Extra Credit Assignments

I do not assign or provide extra credit assignments. If you feel you are struggling or need extra strategies in order to do your 110% best, I will help you get the assistance needed. I am here to make sure this is a successful year.  

ClassDojo/ Class Website

Please check ClassDojo at the beginning of each week for the homework assignments, projects, tests and upcoming important dates that your student should be aware of. I update ClassDojo each week. If you need help getting connected please let me know.  You may also contact me through ClassDojo, the classroom website, and email.

Classroom Culture Expectation

Disruptions of any kind will not be tolerated in the classroom. All students have the right to learn in an atmosphere where they feel safe and free of disruptions. If this right is taken away from a student or class, those at fault will receive consequences. Positive behavior is the focus of the COBRA matrix and will be followed within the classroom and the school. Class Dojo will be used to help monitor positive behaviors and behavior areas that need work.

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