7th Grade
Social Studies & Science Class
Please check the homework page daily for homework assignments.  Homework is subject to change from day to day.  Each day at the end of class students write down what they have for homework.  Homework is used to reinforce any content or skills previously taught in class on that day.  

STUDY ISLAND: Each week, students will have a standing homework assignment on the online program Study Island.  The week's assignment will be given on Monday and is due the following Monday as a homework grade.  Students will compete one or two units (20 questions) each week.  Students should work on the assigned unit until a minimum of 75% proficiency is achieved. Students may re-do the assignment as many times as they would like to achieve this goal before the Monday due date.  

Website: http://www.studyisland.com/login (select Login for SCHOOLS) 

username: firstlastname-nor 

password: student's lunch number

7th Grade Student Resource Fee:  $20.00
Money is receipted on Tuesday and Thursday