Grading Policy & Grading Scale
New Grading Scale
100-90: A

89-80: B

79-70: C

69-60: D

59 and below: F

Here is a link to my class syllabus with more information regarding Language Arts for this year. Thank you! 
7th Grade Language Arts Syllabus.doc

50% -Quizzes/Classwork/Online Assignments

40%- Tests/ Projects

10%- Paper Homework Assignment

Homework Policy
If a student does not complete a homework assignment, he or she must fill out a homework log in the classroom and take the log home for a parent/guardian to sign and return to school. For every log, students lose 5 points off of their 100 homework average.Failure to do so will result in a citation and silent lunch on the due date of the homework log. 

Extra credit assignments are not offered at anytime during the school year. 

Students are responsible for completing their assignments on their own time and promptly.