Accelerated Reading in the classroom and at home:

Each quarter students will be given a personalized Accelerated Reading Point Goal to be met by the end of the 9 weeks. This goal is set according to their reading and readiness level determined by the STAR assessment taken at the beginning of school. Students are expected to reach their goal by reading appropriately chosen books that build on their reading level and then taking short quizzes that check their comprehension of the books they've read. Once students reach their point goat, they will receive a 100 as a classwork grade in addition to a second classwork grade for their proficiency in reading (proven by the quiz scores). Should
students not reach their goal, they  will earn the grade equivalent to the percentage of their goal met.

Students are assigned 20 minutes of reading each night as part of their homework assignments. The students also have a page per week goal that encourages them to read all week long to accumulate about 100 pages of reading. Reading pages will be tracked in the classroom and each week students will receive a homework grade based on what percentage of their goal they have reached.

NOTE: Students can check their own goal progress by logging in to AR and clicking on Progress on the home screen.