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Current Assignments:

STUDY ISLAND: For each science unit, students will have a standing homework assignment on the online program Study Island.  The week's assignment will be given on Monday and is due the following Monday as a homework grade.  Students will compete two sets (20 questions total) each week. 
 Students should work on the assigned unit until a minimum of 50% proficiency is achieved.  For 50%-75&, a homework grade of 85 will be entered.  For 75-100%, a homework grade of 100 will be entered.  For below 50% proficiency, a homework grade of 70 will be entered. 
Students may re-do the assignment as many times as they would like to 
achieve this goal before the Monday due date.  
Website: http://www.studyisland.com/login (select Login for SCHOOLS) 
username: firstlastname-nor 
password: student's lunch number

Multicellular Organisms due March 5