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Welcome to 7th Grade Math

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Ms. Bruton : Science and Social Studties
Ms. Radford: Language Arts
Ms. Whitfield : Math

You may contact me via email: melodywhitfield@wcps.org
Conference times: (9:55 - 11:00)

I have attached a copy of my class syllabus!


7th Grade Math

Teacher: Mrs. Whitfield



We will start our year with reviewing some basic math concepts. These concepts will include working with fractions, decimals, powers and roots.


1st Nine Weeks:

General Domain Objectives:

  1. Apply / extend previous understanding of operations with fractions to add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers.
  2. Use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions.
  3. Solve real life mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions / equations.

Units of Study:

Unit 1: Integers

Unit 2: Equations

Unit 3: Inequalities


2nd Nine Weeks:

General Domain Objectives:

  1. Analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real world / mathematical problems.
  2. Draw, construct, and describe geometric figures / describe the relationships.

Units of Study:

Unit 4: Proportional Reasoning

Unit 5: Percents

Unit 6: Plane Figures

3rd Nine Weeks:

General Domain Objectives:

  1. Solve real life / mathematical problems involving angle measure, area, surface area and volume.
  2. Draw informal comparative inferences about two populations.

Units of Study:

Unit 7: Perimeter, Circumference, and Area

Unit 8: Volume and Surface Area

Unit 9: Data Toolbox


4th Nine Weeks:

General Domain Objective:

  1. Investigate chance processes / develop, use and evaluate probability models

Units of Study:

Unit 10: Probability

Unit 11:  EOG Review