EOG Science Test Strategies and Review

Science EOG Review Help

Topic of Study and Percentage: 

Matter: Properties and Change 14–16%

Energy Conservation and Transfer 10–12%

Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes 13–15%

Earth History 11–13%

Structure and Function of Living Organisms 19–23%

Ecosystems 9–11%

Evolution and Genetics 11–13%

Molecular Biology 8–10%

Total 100%

Review Vocabulary: Download Here
Review Topics: Download Here
Science Vocabulary Document
Biomes Links:
Properties of Water
Ricochet Science: http://youtu.be/aVmU3CLxvgU
Hydrothermal Vents 
Freshwater Turnover:
Turbidity: measure of water clarity (how clear it is)
Underwater Volcano
 Coriolis Effect
Teen Space Science Help: http://www.ipl.org/div/teen/ 
Here are some links you can look at for strategies on all tests.

Ocean Animations
Water Treatment
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