Grade 8 Math Syllabus

Norwayne Middle School

8th Grade Math Course Syllabus

2016 – 2017


Math Objectives

  • 1st 9 weeks – The students will explore the Real Number system and review integers and integer operations.  The students will also solve various equations (one-step, two-step, multi-step).  Lastly, the students will be introduced to the properties of exponents and operations with scientific notation.
  • 2nd 9 weeks – The students will begin a large unit on geometry.  This unit will include geometric vocabulary, angles, area, volume, transformations, circles, and the Pythagorean Theorem.  We will also begin to explore parallel and perpendicular lines and their significance to the upcoming unit on slope. The student will also learn how to apply various formulas in order to solve geometry-based problems.
  • 3rd 9 weeks – The students will begin a large unit on linear functions.  The unit will include literal equations, systems of equations, linear equations, graphing, slope, direct and indirect variation, and functions.
  • 4th 9 weeks – The students will cover various concepts related to statistics.  Some of the concepts covered will include scatter plots, lines of best fit, making tables, and misleading graphs. The students will also spend this time comparing the various types of functions. The remainder of the 9 weeks will be spent reviewing all of the concepts from the year including a review of equations and formulas.


  • Tests/Projects                           = 50%
  • Classwork/Quizzes                 = 40%
  • Homework/Warmups            = 10%



Things You Will Need

  • Pencils
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • 3 Ring Binder with dividers
  • Graph Paper
  • Effort
  • Patience
  • Sense of Humor
  • ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude

Class Expectations

How to Enter the Classroom

Whenever you enter the classroom, do so in an orderly manner.  Do not arrive late!  When you arrive in the classroom:

Homeroom – You will take everything you need for the day and place it on or beneath your desk.  Once you are in the room, you will stay in the room…no going back out.  In Homeroom we will have COBRA reading, so make sure you have your AR book EVERYDAY! 

1st, 3rd and 4th Block - You will enter quietly, find your seat and remain there.  There is to be no walking around the classroom once you arrive! You must take out your previous nights’ homework and lay it on your desk.  As I go around and check your homework, a Daily Warmup will be on the board.  You will have 5-10 minutes in which to finish the Warmup as I walk around the room checking homework.  All students are to remain on-task until we begin going over the homework and the Warmup Problems.  You WILL have a Warmup everyday!

How to Act in the Classroom 

In the classroom, I am pretty open.  I do ask that you raise your hand before you speak and not to talk when someone else is talking.  If there is an open discussion in class, feel free to speak up with your opinions, but in a respectful manner.  Being you are young adults, I expect you to act in that manner.  The COBRA Code of Excellence will be used to reinforce positive behaviors and mediate behaviors interfering with the teaching and learning process.  I also ask that you participate in class.  I know that Math can be difficult at times and I am here to help; however, I cannot help unless you ask for it.

Procedures in the Classroom

To allow class to run smoothly, I do have a list of procedures that should be carried out on a day-to-day basis.  I ask that you come to class prepared.  Make sure you have the previous nights’ homework and ALL your materials.

If you need to throw some paper away, please wait to do so as you are leaving to go to your next class.  Also, please raise your hand before getting up to sharpen your pencil.

If you are finished with an assignment early, check over it.  Careless mistakes can and will happen…always double check to be safe!

Make sure your name is on all of your papers.  If I find a paper without a name on it, it will be disposed of, no questions asked.  No name…no credit!!

If you have questions, raise your hand.  I enjoy open discussions; however, if everyone is talking at once, then important facts or questions may not be answered.

Always keep your math binder up to date and organized.  I will do notebook checks at any given time.  Keeping your notebook up to date is an easy way to make a good grade as well as having a great guide to study by.  Notebooks are counted as a test grade.

How to Leave the Classroom

When leaving the class, make sure there is no paper around your work station or your desk.  Failure to do this will result in consequences agreed upon by the teacher and the student.

We will leave the Classroom in a QUIET line.  No one is to be talking while in line. Please leave the classroom in an orderly manner and make yourself and your team a model for the other teams to follow!


*Note:  When there is a Fire, Tornado, or Lockdown Drill, students are to remain quiet in lines and in classroom.  It is very important that I am able to hear announcements during these times and they are to be taken seriously.  No talking…NO EXCEPTIONS!

How to Act Out of the Classroom

Out of my classroom, always do your best.  I believe in you.  Your teachers believe in you.  The administration believes in you.  You are the future and by maintaining character in and out of the classroom, you will all be successful.

Homework Policy

Homework will be given at least four nights a week.  A minimum of 10 problems will be given each night; however, more problems may be given on review days.  At the beginning of each nine weeks, every student will begin with a homework grade of 100.  Each assignment will be graded based on WORK SHOWN and completion of the assignment.   If a homework assignment is not completed or work is not shown when needed, then 5 points will be deducted for each missing or incomplete assignment.  On occasion, particular homework assignments will be collected and graded based on the student’s effort. 


Tests will be given after each unit.  Tests could consist of multiple choice, short answers, fill in the blank, and/or matching.  There will be a zero tolerance policy for cheating.  If a student is caught cheating, the parent will be notified immediately and the student will receive an automatic office referral.


Quizzes will be given at least two times each week.  Each quiz could consist of a combination of computation and/or word problems.  Cumulative review quizzes will also be given on a regular basis.  Pop quizzes may also be given occasionally throughout the year.

Extra Credit

On occasion, extra credit will be offered on the tests.  The number or type of extra credit questions may vary from test to test.  No other options for extra credit will be offered throughout the school year.  It is important to complete all assignments on time and to the best of your ability.

Missed Work

All missed work due to an absence must be made up within five days of your return date, as stated by the school wide policy.  It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that all assignments are turned in on time; however, you may turn in work up to 3 days late.  A total of 10 points will be deducted each day that the work is late.  Homework will not be accepted late since it is discussed and gone over on a daily basis.

Parent Contact

I will do my best to keep in contact with each parent as needed.  However, if you should have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  My e-mail address is  If you need to contact me during school hours, my planning period is 10:00 – 11:10 and the school phone number is (919) 242-3414.  You can also obtain important information from the school website at  


Timothy Powell

Things We Are Going To Do:

  • Learn – Have Fun – Work Together – Become A Responsible Young Adult – Always Give 100%